I enjoy shooting in a city with all that it has to offer and incorporating people into it. That's why shooting streetwear is so fun for me. We set out to just walk around and get some images that would represent the feel of the clothes. 

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Maui Take 2

Here are some of the images that came out of the recent 2016 trip to Hawaii. We exlpored a lot! DSLR images coming soon.

2016-11-10 11.09.08 1.jpg
2016-11-16 01.07.26 1.jpg
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Light and Fun

Its so great to have sun and warm weather this late in the year! I definitely am a fan of warm weather and wouldn't be able to shoot images like this if I lived and worked some where cold. 

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Life Style

Been doing a lot of work recently shooting real estate that I never post on here. I did however do some shots at sunset the other day and it was so great to be out at sunset overlooking the city and shooting some fun lifestyle shots.  

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When it rains it pours ..and then it stops

The weather can be awesome and then it can change and still be awesome but not the type that you want. As soon as I pulled up with Lauren to the location it started to rain harder than ever! Being that it was 80 degrees and sunny 2 minutes earlier we decided to wait it out. After the rain stopped we ran out, set up and did our thing. Laruen was a trooper, running through the puddles and doing everything to get the shot. We got rained on and were all wet at the end of it but it was worth it. 

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Sometimes you get lost

When I got with Camille we intended on shooting at an overgrown greenhouse with all these amazing vines everywhere. Somehow we both ended up at the wrong location with no greenhouse in sight! Not to be the wasteful types we ended up shooting some great images in this new location. 

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So Much Energy

YES! Shooting with Lillian was a blast! She bounced a few ideas off of me and eventually brought up this awesome wall with some great art on it. Lillian does too many awesome things to name but she is a wardrobe consultant, so she put together these awesome outfits together. I could have shoot another couple hundred photos because she brought so much positive energy. 

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